Is it Discrimination or Poor Judgement?

  1. Is the action illegal?

The action isn’t illegal.

2. Does the action violate company or professional standards?

The action does not violate companies.

3.Who is affected, and how, by the action/

the person who wants the job is affected because they wont get it.




Global Warming : What should be done?

What are some statistics that show that the average temperature of the earth’s surface is increasing?

the warmest ten years of the 20th century were between 1985 and 2000, and temperatures have risen by about 1 F since the late 1800s.

To what do scientists attribute changes in environmental conditions?

to human activities

what hypothesis do scientists have about how people contribute to global warming?

it is linked to heavier storms

what do scientists project will happen in the future ?

temperatures will keep risig

What should be done to stop global warming?

invest in exploring other energy sources


Communication Activity Maser 2

Resolving Conflict

  1. What is conflict?

competing differences between two people

2.         What are the consequences of negative conflict? 

Decreased productivity,low employee morale,and heightened workplace tensions.

3.         What are the benefits of conflict ?

friendly conflict can encourage competition,diverse thinking,creativity,and a wider variety of solutions to business problems.

4.         What are some tips for preventing negative conflict in the workplace?

  • be open to others’ ideas;listen before making up your mind.
  • avoid stereotyping your co-workers and superiors .
  • do not use language or expressions that may be offensive or demanding to others.

5.          What are some strategies for making conflict with a coworker?

  • intervention
  • confrontation
  • compromise
  • avoidance






Assignment 11/17/17

should adults have the right prevent young readers from having acess to books they consider innapropriate?

I don’t think parents should have the right because what if they read the books because the books understand them more than people outside the book does.

why do some people feel that having access to books dealing with tough issues can be helpful for students,despite the risks?

If those issues are integrated into meaningful stories,young people might find books helpful for understanding

Why do librarians and teachers think they can promote positive attitudes toward reading by making banned books accessible to students?

they like to see students fully engaged with relevant  literature.

What are some examples of novels that integrate issues of racism or violence into their plots?

fire from the rock,flashback

How is book censorship a civil rights issue?

students should have the freedom to read anything they choose despite the possible risks.




Assignment 11/14/17

What was the speakers thesis(main point) of this speech?

When we talk ,know how to get the “listeners” attention.

How did this speaker capture you? Paraphrase what they said in the first 60 seconds

He didn’t .(and i hope we don’t get a F or points off because i said he didn’t)

T.E.D. Talk presenters are known as effective public speakers.Describe one thing this speaker does well in terms of engaging the audience.

He had used handy vocal exercises.

How does this speaker build ethos? Feel free to also refer to the speaker’s profile information from the webpage as you build your answer.

He is trying to make it seem like he’s credible enough to do it.

Did this speaker rely more on pathos or logos in his/her presentation? What argument/point in this presentation did you the most compelling?Why?

Pathos because it depends on the person feel.

If you could ask this speaker a question about his/her information or presentation,what would you ask?

I would ask him/her what if that person is not intrested and their just lying, how would you know.

What group of people would benefit the most from hearing this lecture?

People who don’t like to listen to people/teachers and like to ignore them.




What is an American

What are some examples of transitions that are uniquely American?

Many foods,customs,traditions,values,fashions,musical and artistic styles, and other aspects of everyday American life have origins in other cultures.

What are some elements of American culture that originate in other in other cultures?

Celebrating thanksgiving,playing jazz music and wearing jeans.

What are some values that might be considered typically American?

Their own traditional meals,music,holidays,and other customs.

Does culture divide people or bring them together?

To me culture brings people together.

What makes American culture complex?

What makes America culture complex is the cultural history.

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